Jo Lynch







Jo Lynch

Jo Lynch

Ormond Beach, Florida


15% of ALL Sales from my FAA Shop will be donated to Animal Charity through our group Art4Critters This year I will be donating to Local Florida Animal Rescues.

Jo has always loved drawing, but did not work with it consistently until the early 90's.
It began then as so many things do, with a simple watercolor class one morning a week at an old
school building. It grew quickly from there to learning a real love for the medium of watercolor.
Since that first watercolor class, Jo has worked with watercolor, taken numerous workshops
internationally in France, Holland, and Bermuda, as well as all over the United States.
She has taken drawing & painting classes at Anne Arundel Community College, Maryland
Hall School of Arts, The Casements in Florida, & various other institutions.

Jo has been juried into art shows, and won awards for her art in the Annapolis/ Washington DC
area. She has studied with well known watercolor artists, Skip (William) B Lawrence,
Terry Madden, Janet Rogers, Carolyn Gawarecki, Joe Mayer, Tony Couch, and many others.

She recently concluded a project for Tampa General Hospital's new Neo Natal Unit to supply artwork for the signage in the new 82 room unit. All of the directional signs and hallways are named after Florida animals. Each hallway is themed and portrayed by a Whimzical Painting.

She currently donates a portion of her sales to help various animal charities and shelters, and works with one group in particular, Art 4 Critters, in which she is now a co-leader. Each year she donates some paintings and artwork to animal groups to sell during fundraisers.

She is currently a member of the Art League of Daytona Beach and she continues to paint every day, and loves it.


Borzoi in Blue by Jo Lynch


Basset Hound Art Prints by Jo Lynch


Manatee Blues by Jo Lynch


Long Haired German Shepherd by Jo Lynch


Penny Pelican by Jo Lynch


Monhegan Island Morning by Jo Lynch


Iris Designz by Jo Lynch


Love A Pug by Jo Lynch


Whimsical Beagle by Jo Lynch


Holiday Egret by Jo Lynch


Whimsical Shar Pei by Jo Lynch


Whimsical French Poodle by Jo Lynch


Vizsla Running by Jo Lynch


Spring Green Frog by Jo Lynch


Unicorn Magic by Jo Lynch


Siamese by Jo Lynch


Whimzical Crazy Tree Frog 1 by Jo Lynch


Panda by Jo Lynch


Tree Frog in Greens by Jo Lynch


Dolphins Dance by Jo Lynch


LUV CAT by Jo Lynch


South West Cow and Calf by Jo Lynch


Calypso Cat by Jo Lynch


Whimsical Pug Dog by Jo Lynch


Placid the Cow by Jo Lynch


Whimzical Obama by Jo Lynch


Alpaca Cria Heartz n Starz by Jo Lynch


For our Little Monkey by Jo Lynch




Raven at Dusk by Jo Lynch


Raven Night Spirit by Jo Lynch


Raven's Sight by Jo Lynch


Summer Cat by Jo Lynch


Rotty Rottweiler Blues by Jo Lynch


Whimsical Grasshopper by Jo Lynch


Christmas Holiday Sea Turtle by Jo Lynch


Poinsettia by Jo Lynch


Welsh Corgi by Jo Lynch


Tree Frog Eats Bugs by Jo Lynch


Tree Frog in Purple by Jo Lynch


Sea Turtle Grace by Jo Lynch


Persian in Belgium by Jo Lynch


Humpback Whale Blues by Jo Lynch


Humpback Whale 2 by Jo Lynch


Tampa NIC Flamingos by Jo Lynch


Jack Russell Terrier Colorful Painting by Jo Lynch